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Ok. So I’ve slacked on the whole Groom’s Corner idea. Truth is, I thought I’d have more to say, but I kinda lucked out in finding a pretty awesome Groom. Womp ;).

But now that we are t-minus 3 months, Joe has had his first wedding dream nightmare. And no, it was not about dancing in front of lots of people or passing out at the altar. His nightmare was a fear that he would not have a tux. Silly man.

The first year Joe and I dated, he wore several tuxes – and looked dapper in all of them. Our first New Years together was spent with good friends at a black tie function (the photo above is exhibit A) – a first for me, and I am certain, a first for Joe. While Joe had spent his day in a uniform, the last thing he really wanted to do was wear a tux. But judging by the photos – and the fact that this is the only one of us that night that is kosher to post (hi Mom and Dad!), I think he had a good time too. He did it because I asked him. For that, and the fun memory of that night, I will forever be grateful.

So as the wedding date approaches – and as Joe’s nightmares show – it was time to go get a tux. After the disastrous experience registering without being prepared for the time, effort, and ridiculous 3-page checklist, I decided that for our sanity we should call ahead. I called the Big Box tux store to inquire about the initial meeting for a tux rental. Promptly I was informed that I could make an appointment. GREAT! Let’s do that. Say block off 30 minutes……Um wait. What? Two hours??! What on earth is going to take two hours?

Apparently that is the allotment of time suggested by the Big Box tux store……what man, or for that matter woman, would take TWO HOURS to try on tuxes.  Now, I do realize that it took me 4 stores and two days to find a dress, but Joe is a guy on a mission. Trust me when I say, it will NOT take Joe TWO HOURS. I calmly explained this to the lady at the store. She finally agreed to blocking off an hour……um. OK.

I must admit, one thing I love about Joe is that we share a very focused mind when it comes to shopping. We know what we want, we go in, we get it, we get out….mission accomplished. If this lady thought it would take him two hours to pick a tux, she is going to be surprised.

So off we went, me with my wedding binder in hand, to pick a tux. We were done in a cool 20 minutes flat……Do I know my Groom or what! Nailed it!

He picked out a very modern style that will still look timeless and classic (so our kids won’t be embarrassed). As for his bow tie color, a woven texture of burgundy and plum (don’t worry, I brought my color swatches!). A perfect match!

I can’t wait to see him standing at the end of the aisle. Granted he could have worn a plastic bag and I would still marry him….but don’t tell him that. No more nightmares.

So nightmares/fears/weird worries/panic attacks – 0. Erin and Joe – 1.

Sweet dreaming!