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My goodness! Has it really been that long since I last posted?! So embarrassed….BUT I promise I have a goooooood reason.

The last time I posted, we were in the final run up to our wedding (almost 6 months ago! Way to go us!). As the BIG Day approached, I realized I needed to practice what I have preached on several occasions – making sure to enjoy the present moments, and make tough priorities with available time. Which meant – the blog got put on pause. It was so important to me to soak in all the moments – happening so quickly. Which meant I guarded my time fiercely – making sure to fit in quality time with Joe, exercise, plenty of rest, and focus on the final to-dos.

I am soooo glad I did! The memories over the past 8 months will be ones I will cherish for a lifetime. Priorities peeps!

The New Mr. & Mrs. Photography by Amy Boeve Photography.

The New Mr. & Mrs. Photography by Amy Boeve Photography.

So then we were Newlyweds (Bliss!)…..so why did it take me until almost 6 months later to post again? Priorities (Duh!).

You know the old saying, “First comes love (CHECK), then comes Marriage (CHECK, CHECK), then comes the ….

Our newest addition! Expected arrival date - July 2013!

Our newest addition! Expected arrival date – July 2013!

Yep. A Baby!

We were overjoyed to find out (what we thought might take awhile due to medical reasons) we were to be parents! However, what helped to tip us off that we might be expecting – morning sickness – also put a damper on returning to a “normal” newlywed life. So again, blog on pause.

The first trimester was  – exhausting, anxiety provoking, filled with constant nausea, bedtime at 7:30pm and required that I make my health (and the baby’s) a priority. THANKFULLY, you have almost 10 months to prepare. It takes that long to adjust, mentally prepare and physically transform for a baby.

As we enter the last trimester, I feel life is adjusting (not settling – NOT at all!) to our new normal. The past 6 months have been like a moving train – that isn’t slowing down or expected to stop anytime soon (hello 18 years of active, full-throttle parenting!). But like many things in life, it’s a matter of learning – and allowing yourself – to adjust. It’s a work in progress, but one I feel we are doing successfully. Thanks to strong teamwork, active emphasis on romance (Joe’s a gem at making a nauseous lady feel loved), and again – prioritizing!

So I do plan to blog more, but with the knowledge that it won’t be as frequent as before.  That come July – I’ll be taking a maternity leave from the blog. And I’ll be adding a new aisle to my life – Itsy Bitsy (Baby)!

Eagerly awaiting meeting our son!