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It’s quiet here. There is a peace that I know will be a fleeting memory in a few weeks. So I’m savoring this moment. I’m on the cusp of becoming a real mommy. Today takes on a whole new meaning – and one that makes me a bit more emotional (I’ve already cried once while folding little newborn onsies fresh from the dryer). I CAN’T WAIT to meet this little one!! And am so incredibly appreciative to have had the mentor and Mother I was blessed with 30 years ago.

baby duds

Yesterday I was awakened (earlier than my weekday alarm) to Little Man’s hiccups. Funny feeling I can only describe as a pulsing vibration – but one that usually makes my stomach move like Jolly Santa. Oh little reminder that I will soon be happy if I can sleep in until 5am :).

So I let the nesting resume.

As our due date nears (we have 11 weeks to go! holy cow!), I can’t help but feel thrown into “prep mode” – well, as prepared as you can be. So yesterday morning I found myself strolling (well more like waddling, it was not a comfy day yesterday – move over Little Man!) the rows of Target as Joe jetted off to work (he’s been working 6 days, 12 hours each day – and looking forward to a bit of paternity leave himself). I couldn’t help but notice that I shared the aisles with PJ clad parents – carting little tikes in baby carriers…..oh hello new life!

On my list – our hospital bag and the key items for those first few days. Diapers were my first stop – we had none. Now we have two brands to test drive for the first two weeks. Who knows how fast this little guy might grow!

Next I stockpiled nursing supplies to take with me – thanks to recommendations from my best friend mommies and their successful (or failed) attempts to use products. I’ve signed up for a breast-feeding class through the Lamaze Family Center in town a few weeks from now that I hope – on top of all the emails, blogs, and books – will help me feel more confident. I have appreciated the real life advice from my coworkers, best friends, and other new moms.

After that, I picked up some comfy gear for myself. A cotton nightgown, sweatpants (yes, something I don’t – nor have I ever – owned), nursing tops, and travel sized toiletries. Final item will be a bathing suit (two piece – which they didn’t really have in my size) for the tub (our hospital has rooms with big tubs that can be used for pain management even if you don’t plan a water birth – YES!).

Home with my loot, I also began washing all his little clothes. I flew home to see family and friends for a Nautical (in honor of his Daddy) themed baby shower. Talk about one loved little boy! We now have a slew of cute newborn outfits – and stellar must-have baby items – ready for his arrival! Thank you to everyone who helped to make that day so special (especially the hostesses with the mostesses Elaine and Erika).

elaine and baby r

nauticalerika and baby r

My final Mother’s Day weekend project will be setting up the little nursery corner for Little Man with Joe. We live in a one-bedroom apartment, and have LOVED living here. Our lease was to end two weeks before our due date – so we extended month to month because there is noooooo way I’m moving 14 days before our due date – or after for that matter. Thankfully, I lived in a studio in DC and Joe’s lived on an aircraft carrier….small spaces don’t scare us. So Little Man has a cute corner of our room just for him decked out in “woodland” themed colors and pictures.

baby r

Ultimately, by the time this weekend is over, we will be “prepared” for his arrival. If he were to come early, we’d be as ready as we will ever be to care for a new life. We’ve talked often about what we expect those first few days to be like – chaos, laughter filled, tear filled, peaceful (as a new life can often make you pause in wonder), and blessed. And we’ve talked about what the next few years will be like – our parenting styles, wishes, hopes, and fears. I’m a Mom now. We are parents. And we are so honored (ugh I’m crying again)!

We love you Little Man!

Momma and Daddy!