Grocery Store {Cooking}

I love my Grandmas and my crock-pot.

There is something about the smell of bacon, thyme, sage, and – scrapple! It instantly reminds me of my Grandma Seegar’s kitchen. My grandparents home was such a magical place as a child – including a spooky attic, BIG backyard, and a “secret” door (it just blended in with the tongue and grove panelling…but it was so cool!). I love waking up in their home to the smell of breakfast and the din of pots and pans. My cousins and I would rush out to find fresh raspberries picked by our Granddad Seegar (oh his pride and joy!). My Grandma Seegar’s best gift to me came in a small photo album. On hand-written cards she listed her most prized possession – her recipes! I’m still trying to get my cookies to turn out just like hers!

I am also blessed to have my Grandma Walker’s genes. Not to mention my love for all things Old Bay! She could shuck a crab in seconds – without leaving a bit of sweet meat left in the shell! While my Grandpop Walker passed away when I was young, I loved hearing her stories of him and their trips on the Eastern Shore. I don’t think there is a photo of the two of them when they WEREN’T holding hands. She taught me not only about food – but that it’s ok to play with it. We had many good laughs together!

Check out some of my culinary attempts by click on Grocery Store {Cooking} to the right!


1 thought on “Grocery Store {Cooking}”

  1. such great memories, I can’t wait to tell Grandmom Seegar. She needs reminding every once in awhile of the past. It make her happy to hear stories about her family.

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