Planes & Trains {Travel}

A gal on the go! Even if I do hate to fly. However, I’m willing to get over my irrational fears if it means I get to see some amazing things and be reminded that home can be found in some unusual places!

My favorite places:

  • Richmond, VA (Hometown shout out ya’ll!)
  • Avon, NC (Summers wouldn’t be the same!)
  • Washington, DC (Miss you!)
  • New York, NY (It’s a love hate relationship – but you always win me over!)
  • London, UK (So glad I got to study fine art abroad! Tate – heartsong!)
  • Salzburg, Austria (Do, Re, Mi! Sing it with me now!)
  • Taos, NM (Please let the hills let me return!)
  • Denver, CO (I’m a mile high baby!)
  • Gibson Island, MD (Like being in another place and time.)
  • Boston, MA (My current address.)
  • Ann Arbor, MI (Where my heart lives.)
  • Donegal, Ireland (My Families past.)
  • Killaghtee Cross, Dunkineely, Ireland (Peace abundant.)

1 thought on “Planes & Trains {Travel}”

  1. Don’t forget Ireland….both of them! 🙂

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